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This group is for people born in this place and those who travelled here and fell in love with Altai

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Created: May 30, 2009
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Masha SergeevaMasha Sergeeva moderator Altai is my birth place! I love it! 05/30/2009
Antoine PadvaAntoine Padva i have spent some time in 96 04/17/2011
Lena  Lena lived there 06/21/2013
Eugene TomychEugene Tomych 12/09/2010
Inga PapardeInga Paparde 04/16/2013
Solenne HorellouSolenne Horellou need info ;) 04/14/2014
Daniel MagnerDaniel Magner I was 5 Month in this region 02/28/2014
Joachim Gallon Joachim Gallon wanting to travel altai 03/14/2013


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