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BCN Sports ♣ Esport a Bar-cel-ona i Catalunya


☼ Per a parlar i organitzar tota mena d'activitats esportives a Barcelona i Catalunya. Parleu lliurement de cada tema però respecteu la persona que s'expressa.

Look for sport partners, tips and info or anything else related to SPORTS.
For talking about and promote every kind of sportive activities in Barcelona and Catalonia.
Important: Discuss the point, not the person that expresses it.

Some Sportive Suggestions in Catalonia:
Sky in Catalonia
Muntanya /Mountainering
El Camí (The Way)
Calendari de Curses i Travesses de Muntanya
☼ Grups Excursionistes:
-Centre Excursionista de Catalunya
-Unió Excursionista-Vic
-Foment Excursionista de Barcelona
-Grup de Muntanya d'Espai País Valencià, de Barcelona
Llista del Grup de Muntanya d'Espai P.V.

Castellers de BCN
Atletisme català.

Castellers (Catalan Human Towers)

Sportive News: El 9 Esportiu
Esport Català
Seleccions Catalanes

Great Catalan Teams:
§ USAP (rugby)
§ Federació Catalana de Rugby
§ Barcelona C.F.. For talking about the Barça, it'd rather to join in:
~Fans del Barça
~Futbol Club Barcelona

Some related CS groups:
"Castellers" (Human Tower-Builders), amazing thrilling Catalan sportive tradition
"Hiking around Catalonia"
Activitats Esportives a Perpinyà i Catalunya-Nord ☺ USAP
Pirineus / Pyrenees (For trekkers, hikers, climbers...)
SwimmingPools and PoolSurfing
Physical Fitness

Some recommended CS groups:
~ For Bullfightings' Abolition
~ Migrators and “New Catalonians”
~ Ecology, No-Nukes, Animals' Rights, Ecologic Transport & Naturalism

Sustainable surfing and hosting, tourism with respect to local cultures and the environment

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But & EvenBut & Even moderator El cos està dissenyat per a fer ús de totes les seves possibilitats 05/31/2009
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Anna Mc CormickAnna Mc Cormick I have recently moved to Tarragona and would love to meet people through sports! 09/19/2012
Karen RamirezKaren Ramirez want to do sports! 04/07/2011
Andy MotilalAndy Motilal 02/26/2013
Alberto .Alberto . 06/09/2012
Chiara PallaraChiara Pallara I'm interested in outdoor activities 02/25/2014
By.The.WayBy.The.Way I like going jogging and hiking 08/27/2010


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