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EasyCouchSearch with one request (Offer or Request a Couch here!)


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The idea of this group is to find a safe couch in Berlin by writing only one CouchSurf request to this group.

As a surfer post your request as soon as possible before your visit Berlin, so that you will have a chance to collect more offers from hosts you can to choose from. This way you will also not need to post an emergency request...

It is in the nature of things that "EMERGENCY or last minute CouchSearch" requests are welcome to this group too.

As a host you can choose people from a wider selection than the ones you normally access.

Helpful links:
How to write a CouchRequest
How to be a good guest
How to be a good host
How to handle Couchscroogers
How to handle freeloaders
How to Be a Good House Guest

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Created: Jun 1, 2009
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Don ShineDon Shine moderator 01/13/2013
Ulf KleiningsUlf Kleinings moderator 09/30/2011
Dominik Röpke Dominik Röpke I can host 12/05/2013
Vladimir MVladimir M 04/06/2014
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Poll: Is this Group Useful?THELONIOUS MONK28  03/15/2011
Poll: "What would people hosting in Berlin like from this group"THELONIOUS MONK11  03/06/2011
Poll: Important Safety AdviceDSHINE8  09/30/2009

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3 nice girls from Poland looking for a couch in Berlin 25th-27th April (2 nights)Aneta Róg-  04/14/2014
Couch gefunden - Suchen Tourguide. (15.04.14)Michi & Waldi-  04/11/2014
Looking for a couch in Berlin/April 23rd-28thMarcus Maia-  04/10/2014
Berlin 30 April to 3 May (3 nights) for 2CHRISTOCHAN-  04/03/2014
need a couch for two, from 1-7 April/ maybe a day or two??Katrina Fan-  03/30/2014
Wels Austria, 22-23 MarchagataŚlęzak-  03/19/2014
Host needed for 4-5 days in MarchJana Eckert1  03/18/2014
EMERGENCY COUCH NEEDED!Jillian Greene-  02/26/2014
Portuguese visiting Berlin from 26 to 2 MarchJorge Gregório-  02/25/2014
Easter weekend in SchonenburgIsleofManCser-  02/23/2014
Looking for host: May 16-18, solo travelerCharm Chua-  02/21/2014
1 Guy needs a coach (13.02-16.02)Emil Kawałko1  02/11/2014
couch next week 10.02-11.02Grenzüberschreiter Tho-  02/03/2014
7th-9th February 2014: Solo-travelling, looking for company in BerlinSonja Boltz1  01/27/2014
Very Flexible Traveler, Looking for hosts from Jan. 27th to Feb. 4Jake Reid-  01/27/2014
Weekends till 9.2.14Andreas Penquitt-  01/22/2014
Experienced Aussie couchsurfer +1 Finn hitch hiking to Berlin 03.01Scott Leopold-  01/02/2014
EMERGENCY for tomorrow morning. Partying in the club Le Chalet tonight, waiting for your answer!Virgilie1  12/30/2013
Looking for a couch in Berlin from the 30th of December for a night or several!Klara Longfellow-  12/28/2013
December 27th - 2 hitch-hikers visiting BerlinMichal Pawlik1  12/26/2013
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