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GroupCouchRequest (GCRs)
are WELCOME here!

In this group we welcome GroupCouchRequests (GCRs) - but they usually work better in the city groups (or their sub-groups for GCRs) than here in this country group.


There are still many hosts, who prefer to only reply to personal ICRs and don't even read GCRs posted here.

Also: GCR's have been defamed for long as something bad (and CS'ers who like to use them as lazy and "freeloaders") by group moderators who misuse their "position" to promote their own personal opinions by deceivingly presenting them as some kind of official CS policies on "their" groups' description and guidelines.
We're trying to revert that maldevelopment - but it's not gonna happen overnight.

So just don't put too much hope into this seemingly "easy and promising" way to find a host and always keep a plan B ready!


You might wanna read the safety tips for surfing and hosting in general.
For GCRs you should also consider, that you might add a security risk if you accept hosting offers, that are NOT sent to you via CS - so neither as a reply in "your" GCR thread nor by a personal CS mail to you. Like if you give your mobile phone number in your post and then get those hosting offers via text message only, all safety features, that the CS web site provides are obviously lost then!

Also don't forget, that while you have little control over which CS hosts offer you their couch you still have full control over whose offer you eventually accept - and thus you should make this decision as deliberately as you would otherwise choose potential hosts to send an IndividualCouchRequest to.

Finally some tips for your GroupCouchRequest's THREAD'S TITLE - and more...:

Titles containing the main information tend to be more successful then general titles like "I need a couch" or "Can somebody host 2 Italian girls" or "A couch anyone?".
Something like: "CouchRequest for 3 CS'ers (1 girls, 2 guys) for 2 nights from Mon, 22 August till Wednesday, 24 August" seem to work better!
ALSO consider, that for GCRs it might be even more helpful, to have a well-written text (with all basic information like number of people, number of nights, exact dates - as well as some personal information about yourself and your trip to Germany...). And since so many CS'ers have this thing for full profiles, giving them what they want will also do no harm;-)

Perhaps some of these tips might help:)

Everything about Germany!

But not only "German spoken" here, of course you can post also in English! To find individual cities look into the state groups, we have them listed there! Munich you will find in Bavaria, Frankfurt in Hessen Group and Cologne in Nordrhein-Westfalen! Or find your place on this MAP!

And there is much more: Check the Family Welcome Group, Rural CouchSurfing and if you like the language try Let's speak German

For travellers though there is so much, maybe start here or check the UNESCO heritage. And check here for the local weather!

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