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Architecture: Antoni Gaudí, the Great Catalan Architect. "Modernism"


It seems sometimes Barcelona is becoming an Architecture park for tourists. And one of the main reasons for this is the incredible Work of Art built by a genial Universal Catalan Architect: Antoni Gaudí...and his "drunk Art" (Unamuno dixit).
In Gaudí's times, Barcelona was called "la Rosa de Foc" ("Fire Rose") cos of its mixture of Cultural Creation, Political Activism and New Waves.

Here you have some links if you want further information about Gaudí:
Informació en català.
L'information en français.
Information in English.
Información en español.
In Russian

"Gaudí. The man and his work" (Trilingual)

The Young Gaudí

‡ Sagrada Família:
~Auca de la Sagrada Família
~Sagrada Família threatened
~SOS Sagrada Família

~~ L'obra d'en Gaudí
~~ "Palaciu Episcopal d'Estorga", by Gaudí:
*In English

"Parc Güell", Barcelona, by Gaudí

♣ “Els assumptes religiosos requereixen l'ús de tots els mitjans en el seu grau més alt. El temple ha d'inspirar el sentiment de la Divinitat amb les seves infinites qualitats i els seus infinits atributs” (Antoni Gaudí i Cornet, 1852-1926, parlant del Temple de la Sagrada Família).

♣ "Sense la independència no hi ha possibilitats de crear a Catalunya una política justa, honesta i regenerada" / Only through an independent Catalonia (from Spain) there are any possibilities to start a just, honest and reclaimed way of ruling" (Antoni Gaudí i Cornet)
¤ Algunes anècdotes sobre Gaudí, dels seus amics
¤ Antoni Gaudi is arrested, insulted and beated at his 72 years old "because he dare to speak its own natural language in his own land"

One CS Recommended Group:
Migration and "New Catalonians"

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