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a cheap, quality place to eat in every town!


looking for that special place that not everyone knows of? that place where you can eat, drink and be merry and it's not over-priced? where you get good quality food and drink, and have an allover good experience? great value for money?

this is the place to find it! please, everyone, tell us about that magic little places you discovered in your travels. share it with us!

it would be great if you know of any such type of place and place a posting, with the town/city's name as subject line. it's for easy reference.
maybe tell us of some of the specials and what one can expect, also importantly, how to find the place.

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Jana and Wynand CloeteJana and Wynand Cloete moderator 06/05/2009
Alicja F-KAlicja F-K I like eating a delicious dishes and spend less for it:) 10/25/2012
Silvia SintaSilvia Sinta 01/14/2014
Maud LescoffitMaud Lescoffit 10/09/2011
BOROTVLBOROTVL I love cooking & eating :) 01/16/2014
rudolfsuterrudolfsuter Have some good advice on traveling from west to east 03/20/2014
Roxanne N.Roxanne N. 04/08/2014
Lea MeznaricLea Meznaric Trying to help travelers in Croatia 05/21/2010


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