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This group is archived. It can not be used and is here for historical purposes only.


This group archives the threads that were moved from Q & A Info because the questions were answered, or because they don't belong there. No new messages are to be posted here.

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Created: Jun 9, 2009
Type: Public

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Eli Courante Eli Courante moderator 06/09/2009
CYBERCHI CYBERCHI moderator 08/25/2009
LAURA LAURA moderator 07/02/2009
Serhat Oran Serhat Oran Further my knowledge of CS 03/01/2010
Quetzal Quetzal 01/11/2011
Renata Fischer KroeffRenata Fischer Kroeff 02/21/2010
FLYINGDAGGER FLYINGDAGGER Former ambassador 11/01/2010


Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
Istanbul collectiveVANIDIO5  02/03/2010
Banning a member from a groupAlexandre Agassian1  02/02/2010
Disclaimer in the events pageTrave4  01/26/2010
Surf requests/messages from deleted profile.SWINGCADILLAC1  01/24/2010
Neg Ref from a deleted profileRobert Parham3  01/20/2010
payroll aspects of volunteersJohn Gunther1  01/20/2010
What is going on with polls?Diana Gomez1  01/15/2010
How send a message to all the members in your country?Lieke, Peter and kids1  01/13/2010
Exotic couchAlexandre Agassian1  01/07/2010
Which teams you've to be member of to be considered CS Team MemberDAN°2  01/07/2010
CS Policy on Deceased MembersRich Murray1  12/22/2009
Steps taken to protect other usersAmy Carr5  12/21/2009
Q: Verification, Lastname contains an "Umlaut", credit card doesn't?DOMINIKTOURING3  12/17/2009
Can you request to moderate a group that is not currently moderated?ONECOUCHATATIME1  12/17/2009
Emergency Contact InfoRodrigo Queipo1  12/16/2009
CS's involvement in Police InvestigationsAmy Carr5  12/14/2009