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This group is archived. It can not be used and is here for historical purposes only.


This group archives the threads that were moved from Q & A Info because the questions were answered, or because they don't belong there. No new messages are to be posted here.

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Created: Jun 9, 2009
Type: Public

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Eli Courante Eli Courante moderator 06/09/2009
CYBERCHI CYBERCHI moderator 08/25/2009
LAURA LAURA moderator 07/02/2009
Serhat Oran Serhat Oran Further my knowledge of CS 03/01/2010
Quetzal Quetzal 01/11/2011
Renata Fischer KroeffRenata Fischer Kroeff 02/21/2010
FLYINGDAGGER FLYINGDAGGER Former ambassador 11/01/2010


Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
Best way to deal with members who answer with empty messages to couch requestsDAN°1  12/14/2009
Asking for removal of inactive sub-groups.Sanu3  12/08/2009
Couchsurfing while looking for an apartment / freeloadingAaron Fowles1  12/06/2009
"Give your fingers a rest" responseHoward-Onabeach2  12/05/2009
Identity of posters masked in Q&A: Info ArchivesRudradeb Chaudhuri1  12/04/2009
Alumni Ambassadors in Ambassador groups?BRUCE_N_Arizona5  12/02/2009
Groups Management TeamGil Sousa6  12/02/2009
EventsBRENTITO861  12/01/2009
Changing address after being verifiedDRFEELAWESOME1  12/01/2009
html tagsBenjamin Vazquez1  11/30/2009
Are deleted profiles taken into account for stats?BENIVEL1  11/30/2009
where is the thread about who is leading CS?CRIIRSARA4  11/29/2009
"Removed fromthe Media Reports"Barry Floc'H5  11/23/2009
Who are the CS Volunteer Teams Supervisors/Coordinators?Cesar7  11/16/2009
Merge groupsJoris Vleminckx4  11/09/2009
Technical QuestionsRodrigo Queipo1  11/09/2009
Ambassador's Support Coordinator?Loup7  11/09/2009
Donations for surfing a couch?DAPHNEBERLIN9  11/07/2009
Why can't a city ambassador be appointed for a different place from the one (s)he's living in?DAN°18  11/06/2009
Procedure for promotion from city to family ambassadorJohn Gunther6  11/06/2009