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Car Sharing in Dublin ---- (rented cars and private lifts)


Car rentals or private lifts...

Anyone who would like to go out of Dublin for a country trip or cities can post offers and send requests here in order to meet people with same interests to share costs.

please note there is also a subgroup for car sharing in Ireland generally and for other cities and areas

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Aleksandra VolkanovskaAleksandra Volkanovska to explore Ireland by car 02/28/2014
Vale SettominiVale Settomini 11/29/2013
Diarmuid Coleman O Donovan Diarmuid Coleman O Donovan 09/19/2013
GAIA BrandoleseGAIA Brandolese i'll be there this summer;) my dreams is about to coming true!!! 03/23/2013
Bruna DalmagroBruna Dalmagro 04/07/2014
Pilar Penna GilPilar Penna Gil I'm in Dublin at the moment and was considering sharing a car 04/09/2014
Everson O Penalber Everson O Penalber To meet friends w/same interesting - trip 07/15/2012


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carsharing: Cork to Killarney next week.Florencia Simonetti1  12/09/2013
West Coast tripSaskia Knauft1  12/09/2013
Donegal Friday 4th to the 7thDiarmuid Coleman O Donovan-  10/02/2013
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Car ride drom Dublin to Galway or elsewhere from Sept 16 to Sept 21Peeter Sepping-  09/12/2013
Cork this week-end?Jézébel Legendre-  07/24/2013
Going to Kerry by car 02-05 August - Who wants a lift??Britta Pollmann-  07/11/2013
Dublin to WexfordRia Holmes-  06/25/2013
Dublin to Longford or Roscommon on Sat 8th/ Sun 9thRobert McMahon-  06/02/2013
somebody help me move out from TYRRELSTOWN TO MALAHIDE ?kelly Choi-  05/31/2013
Car share - June 6th - June 10thAngie and Franck .-  05/30/2013
Car sharing travel around IrelandHendra Cai-  05/13/2013
from Dublin to Galway and Cliffs of Moher! 6th of may!Anastasia Autumn1  05/05/2013
I want to share a car to tralvel in Ireland.MIGUELDESALTA-  04/17/2013
Dublin to tryllespassshyla Manning-  02/24/2013
Carshare Dublin - Cork (or halfway...) 10th Feb (maybe 9th)Deirdre Clifford2  02/11/2013
Galway--Cliffs of Moher--Cork Feb. 19?Kayley Ingalls-  02/10/2013
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