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let's go camping


let's go camping near Cairo is a group for who like to have camping in Egypt we can have camping near pyramids and in some where close to Cairo .
we will have camping details before 2 weeks of it , everyone is invited just get your bag and your closes and then enjoy the camping life .
we will have some meeting soon to get to know our main team who will be responsible to make all happy and comfortable .

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Ahmed AlaaAhmed Alaa i adore camping, hiking 09/20/2012
Yahia MahmoudYahia Mahmoud i love camping 03/03/2012
Sohil EL SayedSohil EL Sayed 08/21/2011
Ahmed IbrahimAhmed Ibrahim to achieve one of my dreams 12/21/2013
Yahya MaherYahya Maher 10/28/2012
Ahmed GaberAhmed Gaber 08/09/2009
Wessam FayedWessam Fayed fond of camping 11/14/2010


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