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European Tai Chi & Qi Gong (meditation) group is to promote and share Taoist healing arts with other CS members interested to learn about the art of Tai Chi & Qi Gong Meditation.

Hopefully this simple fun,practical and yet effective deep breathing exercise will enhance more health and build up the immune system of our body and your mind as well.

Tai Chi in motion

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Ang 昂 Huah華Ang 昂 Huah華 moderator will share tai chi(Qi Gong) at my german friend wellness center+like to meet more tai chi practitioners 06/14/2009
Tianyu WangTianyu Wang love tai chi 09/07/2013
FireWind FireWind 06/27/2009
BOKI1974BOKI1974 06/04/2012
nezhla Motamedinezhla Motamedi 11/03/2013
Demetrios BrinkmannDemetrios Brinkmann yaaaaah tai chi! 01/07/2014
MARKOMARKOMARKOMARKO Have been practicing Qi Gong for 2 years. Seeking new contacts.. 11/21/2013
Cem Gencer Cem Gencer 11/04/2013


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Wishing everyone enjoy inner peace, good Chi in this beginning 2014....Ang 昂 Huah華-  01/01/2014
Blessing from Penang island ( Malaysia)Ang 昂 Huah華1  12/23/2013
good chinese teachersMARKOMARKO-  11/21/2013
welcome to join chi kung (Qi Gong) at botanical garden Penang 5 + 6 nov 2 lessonsAng 昂 Huah華-  11/03/2013
Malaysia( Penang island) an evening of LIGHTS at Khoo Kongsi ( 26 oct) 8pm to 10pm..Ang 昂 Huah華-  10/25/2013
Penang isalnd ( USM kung fu night) sat 30 march 7.30pm to 11pmAng 昂 Huah華-  03/28/2013
Lest remember ( eavery year) March 8 .. happy Blessing from Penang island ( Malaysia) .Ang 昂 Huah華1  03/04/2013
Happy Blessing in the Snake year( from Penang island , Malaysia)Ang 昂 Huah華-  02/14/2013
qi gong (preferably dao yin) retreats/seminars in the next months in EuropeAugusta, Filip and Elios Habas-  01/06/2013
Malaysia ( Penang island) Georgetown festival 2012Ang 昂 Huah華-  06/15/2012
Happy weekend.. be Bless.. Greeting from Penang island ( Malaysia)Ang 昂 Huah華-  05/27/2012
Lets remember & celebrate International womens day (2012) march8Ang 昂 Huah華-  03/08/2012
Reply to Penang island (last day) Chap Goh Mei New year ( farewell celebration) 6 feb ( mon) MalaysiaAng 昂 Huah華-  02/04/2012
Happy New year 2012...Greeting from Penang island( Malaysia)Ang 昂 Huah華2  02/02/2012
Silk Reeling 2nd and 3th of July, BelgiumTineke Rammeloo-  06/07/2011
Malaysia ( Penang island) International Lion dance Championship *on high stilts*Ang 昂 Huah華-  05/03/2011
Silent Blesssing.. Sending caring vibartion to Japan *Tsunami, Earth quake*Ang 昂 Huah華-  03/24/2011
International Women day ..8th marchAng 昂 Huah華-  03/08/2011
Golden rabbit year Blessing from Malaysia( Penang island)Ang 昂 Huah華1  02/13/2011
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