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People with same ideas about all kinds of life.

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Loup Loup moderator I'm Vegetarian and Sometimes Vegan 10/30/2007
Josè MontalvoJosè Montalvo moderator 01/14/2006
BrigantiaBrigantia I love animals, so that's why I don't eat no-one of them. I'm Antispecist and I refuse any meal producted from animal exploitation. 07/13/2010
Christian MaletzChristian Maletz I'm vegetarian 04/10/2014
Fruity SoulFruity Soul 11/22/2011
greenheartgreenheart Go Vegan! 08/15/2007
Sheldon BowserSheldon Bowser because i am a vegan 06/13/2013
Jakub  GrmanJakub Grman Cause I'm a vegan :) 12/25/2013


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Any Vegan/Vegetarian couches in NORWAY? SWEDEN? DENMARK? FINLAND? GERMANY?Nikola Donev-  08/19/2013
Any Vegan/Vegetarian couches in Edinburgh?David Bassin1  08/18/2013
Beginning my travels across Europe in september, any veg couches I could surf?Jimmy + Sabrina10  08/18/2013
Anyone from The UK? :-)Efi Brenner1  08/18/2013
Eugene, Oregon Vegan Fair, 8.22.2013 - Free!greenheart-  08/16/2013
Vegan in Spain? Between Gibraltar and BarcelonaVanessa Brall2  08/16/2013
Vegan Picnick in IstanbulKEDIDE-  08/16/2013
looking fo a vegan home for 2-4 weeks in San FranciscoHelen Keller-  08/15/2013
anybody in CA??LIZ_Bolivia-  08/13/2013
Anyone live in the Toronto / Mississauga (Ontario) area?Emily Sweet-  08/13/2013
Gente vegana de Andalucía?AnkaMaulwurf2  08/13/2013
Vegetarian tips in Barcelona, Bilbao & San SebastiánFrida Irving5  08/13/2013
Vegans and vegetarians in SlovakiaDenisa K.-  08/13/2013
Hood River, Oregon - Sept 6-8: Grand Opening Celebration for New Tofurky Factory!greenheart-  08/12/2013
Any Vegan/ Vegetarian in Alaska?Barbara Gubelmann-  08/10/2013
Visit EkaterinburgVicente Ribes Alm2  08/07/2013
Vegan journey =)Yana Nesmeyanova9  08/06/2013
Vegan food in South AmericaBridget Holtom7  08/05/2013
House and rooms for rent in little village by the Sea, near Volos : are You also looking for a sacred space, retreat in magical GREECE ? In harmony with primeval nature...MOOSE10811  08/05/2013