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Minnesota CS Organizers


This is the working & brainstorming group for the Minnesota CS event organizing team.

Members: 9
Members in Sub-Groups: 11
Created: Jun 16, 2009
Type: Public
Moderated: Yes

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Mel Schneider Mel Schneider moderator 10/28/2010
Michael BarnesMichael Barnes moderator Soozie made me! 06/24/2009
ALI ART ALI ART moderator 06/18/2009
SOOZBOT SOOZBOT moderator 06/18/2009
Christy Enloe Christy Enloe moderator Soozie made me! 06/24/2009
LEX LEX moderator 03/30/2011
Jeff Cowan Jeff Cowan 06/21/2009
Katie Kreitzer Katie Kreitzer 06/18/2009


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