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This is for people who are interested in everything about Ireland. Here you can come to talk to others who are either interested in Ireland, have traveled there, or live there. We can form a community to ask questions and share answers.

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Created: Jan 15, 2006
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Linda MeyerLinda Meyer moderator 01/15/2006
Tommy KajlTommy Kajl want to learn as much as I can about Ireland! =) 11/04/2013
Alana WooldridgeAlana Wooldridge I want to know more about where to go when visiting Ireland 03/22/2011
Barbara Gubelmann Barbara Gubelmann I love Ireland and want to go there again 12/05/2010
Shawn OBrienAllen Shawn OBrienAllen I'm a proud American Irishman. 04/20/2013
Loulou67Loulou67 In love with Ireland and irish people! 09/26/2010
SARA.DISASTER.NONESARA.DISASTER.NONE cause I love all that's Irish! 03/06/2013
mamasoussoumamasoussou 11/05/2013


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Looking to visit Ireland, where MUST I go? Whats there on the 'must see' list?Alana Wooldridge8  06/18/2011
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Belfast to Giant's Causeway coastal tripJen Rankin-  05/06/2010
Hitching in Ireland (august 2010)Fany V2  02/04/2010
Traveling through Ireland April 2010 - Advice? Travel Buddy?Sandii Rogers-  02/04/2010
A small trip in IrelandVincent Villard-  05/23/2009
coming to Ireland in AugustMyrna Martin-  04/11/2009
Ireland here I come!Kelly McElroy2  03/04/2009
video about speaking Irish in GlencolmcilleIRISHPOLYGLOT1  02/19/2009
JOIN ME TO BERLIN FOR NEW YEARSRaff Gallardo1  12/23/2008
Storytelling student in Ireland next June.aleksandr.booker-  12/18/2008
ERIN GO BRAGH!!Raff Gallardo-  12/06/2008
Friday night celebration at the Pravda pub!GNUFFO-  11/18/2008
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