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German Sprachklub in Wien


Hi all!
If you want to practise German in Vienna, come to our meetings on Tuesdays.
Anyone can join...

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Created: Jun 24, 2009
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Attila KerteszAttila Kertesz moderator 06/24/2009
moustafa Hamzomoustafa Hamzo to practice my beginner German 10/04/2013
Megan PristashMegan Pristash learn German 03/15/2014
Jill AugustineJill Augustine Ich will Deutsch lernen 07/17/2013
OD AubaedyOD Aubaedy meet new people/friend's and do activity's with them, improve my language, share the knowledge, having fun and more :) 04/20/2013
Clay PerezClay Perez 03/06/2013
James BriggsJames Briggs 07/18/2011
bmw_88bmw_88 zu üben mein Deutsch 10/29/2012


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German Practice meeting -Tunnel- Tue 19:00Liviu Radulescu1  11/13/2011
Summer Splash Barbecue - Vienna CS Stammtisch 11th of July 2011Felix Felice-  06/27/2011
Türkisch-Deutsch TandemSADIK USLULAR-  06/22/2011
German Practice meetingElisabeth Flores1  06/21/2011
German Practice meeting -Summerstage- Tue -19.00-Table reservedAttila Kertesz-  06/13/2011
German Practice meeting - open air-Summerstage- Tuesday -19.00Attila Kertesz-  06/05/2011
Türkisch-Deutsch TandemSADIK USLULAR-  06/03/2011
German Practice meeting - open air-Summerstage-Tuesday -19.00Attila Kertesz-  05/29/2011
German Practice meeting - open air-Summerstage-Tuesday-19.00Attila Kertesz-  05/20/2011
German Practice meeting - open air-Summerstage-Tuesday 19.00Attila Kertesz-  05/13/2011
German practice meeting/SCHLUPFWINKEL Tues-19.00Attila Kertesz-  04/28/2011
German practice meeting/SCHLUPFWINKEL Tues-7pm!!!Attila Kertesz-  04/25/2011
German practice meeting/SCHLUPFWINKEL Tues-7pm!!Attila Kertesz-  04/16/2011
German practice meeting/SCHLUPFWINKEL Tues-7pm!Attila Kertesz-  04/10/2011
German practice meeting/SCHLUPFWINKEL Tuesday/7pm..Attila Kertesz-  04/03/2011
German practice meeting/SCHLUPFWINKEL Tues-19.00.Attila Kertesz-  03/27/2011
German practice meeting/SCHLUPFWINKEL Tuesday -7pmAttila Kertesz-  03/20/2011
German practice meeting/SCHLUPFWINKEL Tues-7pm...Attila Kertesz-  03/14/2011
German practice meeting/SCHLUPFWINKEL Tues-7pm..Attila Kertesz-  03/07/2011
German practice meeting/SCHLUPFWINKEL Tuesd-19.00Attila Kertesz-  02/27/2011
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