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Group Guidelines

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IMPORTANT: Please don't post Couch Requests here, use the

Couch Search tool!

03/14/2007 10
If you are planning to post a CouchSurf request here on the group, please follow these points first:

1) It is highly recommended to ask for hospitality directly to the people rather than leaving an open message in the group: Use the Couch Search tool.
In this way you?ll have the chance to know better who your potential host is (we are sure it is your concern to know where you?ll end up sleeping!). Also, you won?t give the idea of being just someone looking for a free place to stay.

2) Once you selected some people, be clear in your request; specify when you are arriving and when you are leaving.

3) Be sure you thoroughly read your potential host?s profile. Do not ask for things that are already included in it!

4) Have your own profile properly filled, including some picture. Let your perspective host be able to understand what kind of person you are.

5) Explain your plans. Are you coming for a cultural visit or to enjoy the nightlife? Do you intend to sleep late or wake up early? ... These types of information will help the host decide whether he/she will take you in or not.

6) Write your couch request with the right advance. Some people write requests several months before they arrive (it can be too much) or just a couple of days before (too short notice). A 2-4 weeks notice would be ideal.

7) If you want to surf together with your partner or friends, specify if they are registered at CS as well, and eventually add a link to their profiles.

E-mail settings03/22/2007 10
Please, notice that if you don't want to receive the numerous e-mail messages from this group (and others) you can choose different delivery options.

Click on "My group settings" and select "Instant updates" to receive every single message, "Daily digest" or "Weekly digest" to receive one message per day or week, "No communication" to read messages only via web.
Do not post here for: Job search and offerings, PR messages for events you earn money from, Couch requests, Commercial ads, Room/flat search, politics, religious matters, anything else you even indirectly earn money from, etc - Thankyou04/17/2008 10
This group is dedicated to help locals cs members and visiting cs members to get in touch and enjoy mutual cultural exchange.
To involve visiting and fellow Cs members in the everyday life in Italy and interact and share.
Anything else is out of topic and has to be posted and could be interesting, on other specific Cs group, not on the Italy CS Group.
Do not post here anything advertising something you will earn money from.
Thank you and Welcome in the Italy Cs community
Paid accomodation promotion is NOT allowed04/07/2007 9
From the FAQ Page:

"Is CouchSurfing free?

Absolutely. CouchSurfing is a non-profit organization dedicated to the global community. CouchSurfing was created specifically so that everyone can travel the world and partake in cultural exchange. Staying with your host(s) is also always free; it is contrary to the values of CouchSurfing and against our terms of use to charge someone to surf your couch. Many surfers like to bring their hosts gifts or treat them to a meal as a "Thank you," but this is not a requirement. There are infinite ways to reciprocate goodwill. "

B&B, hostels, hotels and other accommodation services owners are not allowed to promote their activities through CS and this group.

Nevertheless, CS users can ask and give information/advice about paid accomodation, if this doesn't involve the promotion of a single business.

Region or City related topics should be posted in the local groups02/24/2008 9
This group is about Italy. If you have more specific questions referring to some particular region or city, please post to the local region or city groups.
Here the quick links to the most important:
- Rome
- Florence and Tuscany
- Venice and Veneto
- Milano
- Cinque Terre