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Budapest Wintercamp 2009/10 - BPWC

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Group Guidelines

Title Date Importance
Couch requests11/30/2009 10
Please don't use this group for Couchsurfing requests.
Check out the accomodation options (
http://www.couchsurfingbudapest.com/accomodation ) or try to find a host by Couchsurfing search
Frequently Asked Questions11/30/2009 10
Consider the general FAQ on the Budapest Wintercamp website:

Q: How much does it cost? What do I get for the money?
A: See http://www.couchsurfingbudapest.com/ticket-options

Q: Where to stay?
A: You can try to find a host or stay at the CAMP. If you choose to stay at the Wintercamp, see:

Q: How do I get there?
A: See: http://www.couchsurfingbudapest.com/to-and-from-budapest

Q: Am I allowed to bring pets?
A: If you couchsurf at someones place, you need to ask your host. You can not bring pets to the Wintercamp

Q: Where do I need to sign up?
A: Please get a ticket and sign up on the meeting.
Meeting page:

Q: What should I bring with me?
A: Other than the normal traveling stuff, check out this list:
- sleeping bag
- eye shade
- ear plugs
- potatoe peer or small knife (if you fly not in handbag)
- small tourch or headlight
- If you have space: a soup plate and spoon wish not to buy to much plastic.
- some waste/trash bag
- swimming trunks/dress
- If have a washing sponge as shorage of showers if senstive to dust a bed sheet under the leeping bag maybe.

Q: Can I smoke in the dorm rooms?
A: Smoking is prohibited!

Q: What bed/mattress do I get?
A: First come, first serve. Be quick :)