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Budapest Wintercamp 2009/10 - BPWC


BPWC 29December-03January 2010


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not-for-salenot-for-sale moderator 07/03/2009
Zoltan Gyeszat Zoltan Gyeszat moderator the more I know the more certain I'll attend 09/17/2009
Adam MarotAdam Marot moderator one of the organizers 11/13/2009
David Piller David Piller moderator will be fun :) / organizer 07/03/2009
DOMINIKTOURING DOMINIKTOURING moderator lots of fun 11/05/2009
SERGIOILBUIO SERGIOILBUIO ok....i'm ready 10/21/2009
Riccardo QuarantaRiccardo Quaranta I was there! 09/22/2009


Austria invades the Budapest Wintercamp25101
BPWC 09/10: German National Team1026
BPWC 09/10 - Polish team!! :)731
BPWC 09/10 Turkish Team730
BPWC Slovenian team17
Budapest Wintercamp 2009/10 - Brazilian Group!!!1-
Budapest Wintercamp Volunteer applications38135
Croatian team @ 2009 BPWC1315
FRENCH Invasion @ BWC 2009818
HUNs @ 2009 CSWCBP313
ITALIAN TEAM @ the BPWC 091134
LATVIAn Team for Budapest Wintercamp 2009/10 - BPWC27
Romanian team @ the BPWC :)1549
RUSSIA united714
Spanish team @ BPWC 09/10612
Swiss invasion @ the BPWC 09/10116
The Dutchies goes Budapest Wintercamp 2009/10 - BPWC748
United Kingdom Team for Budapest Wintercamp 2009/10 - BPWC32
USA team - @ 2009 CS WCBT511

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Flagged postsModerator 10  12/14/2009
PAYMENT PROBLEMS!!!!!!!*aviva* la loca8  12/16/2009
Do create your National Team! 30DEC International night!Andras Foldvari55  12/16/2009
Helping hands needed in Budapest this Saturday and next TuesdayAndras Foldvari1  12/16/2009
The Labyrinth...David Piller8  12/16/2009
Wintercamp shorter stay...Bobo_lost_his_ukulele2  12/15/2009
Campsite opening hoursEla Górska3  12/15/2009
Payment without Credit Card?Justin Credible2  12/14/2009
parking in the centerFranz Reithmayr1  12/13/2009
let there be karaoke!Andrei Blu'zz-  12/12/2009
ride from Metz/Nancy or around?CHEZBORIS-  12/12/2009
Are there any other Americans going over to the Camp?Brian McDonald12  12/11/2009
Is there a travel card for Budapest?Brian McDonald12  12/11/2009
confirmationDavid Piller-  12/11/2009
38 euro only available with alert pay?Izabela Pokrzywnicka2  12/09/2009
Map of eventsIzabela Pokrzywnicka28  12/08/2009
Bed reservation....David Piller6  12/08/2009
what do we need?LOKAMI21  12/08/2009
CAMPers!.. how about a Buffet breakfast option ??Andras Foldvari30  12/05/2009
Your credit card has been disabled with AlertPay. Please contact AlertPay Customer Support for assistance."LOKAMI21  12/04/2009