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Basilicata is a region in the south of Italy, bordering on Campania to the west, Apulia (Puglia) to the north and east, and Calabria to the south, having one short south-western coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea between Campania in the north-west and Calabria in the south-east, and a longer one to the south-east on the Gulf of Taranto on the Ionian Sea between Calabria in the south-west and Apulia in the north-east. The region can be thought of as the "instep" of Italy, with Calabria functioning as the "toe" and Apulia the "heel". The region covers 9,992 km² and in 2008 had a population of less than 600,000 inhabitants. The regional capital is Potenza. The region is divided into two provinces: Potenza and Matera.

Useful links:

7 wonders to see in Basilicata

1)Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa and their Volo dell'angelo


2) Matera http://www.comune.matera.it/en/tourist-information

3) Craco http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craco

4) Pollino National Park http://www.parcopollino.it/

5) Maratea http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maratea

6) Metaponto


7) the road from Potenza to Gravina in Puglia by Tolve

To have a global view of these wonders





For more info see http://www.aptbasilicata.it

***** How to arrive in Basilicata *****

Link to the SITA bus


If you come from OUTSIDE Europe the nearest airport is ROMA

If you come from Europe you can choose

http://www.ryanair.com/it and http://www.easyjet.com to BARI


http://www.easyjet.com to NAPOLI

From ROMA you can use:

- the train http://www.trenitalia.com/

- the bus http://www.autolineeliscio.it

- the plane (http://www.ryanair.com/it) to Bari

- the car - around 4 hours to go to Potenza and 5 to Matera

- the bicycle or your legs by the Appian Way http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appian_Way

From Bari:

A fantastic bus do a everyday trip from Bari airport to Matera city center and it's very cheap !!!!!


In Matera there is no Trenitalia station :(
but there is one in Ferrandina, near Matera, and from there you can take a bus to Matera.



If you come from ROMA, NAPOLI, FIRENZE or PERUGIA you can use the train or the bus


How to go to Marina di pisticci





Climbing in Basilicata http://www.lucanianaturaverticale.it


BASILICATA coast to coast by foot


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