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For anyone who is or just interested in veganism or vegetarianism on ANY level and for whatever reasons. I think we could share some information on where and what to eat as well as just provide some support and company, because lets face it ALL veggies have had to eat alone at least once due to this diet choice!


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Michelle HuangMichelle Huang moderator vegan since 2002 04/19/2011
Shaohua Hsu Shaohua Hsu I am a vegetarian but not so strict. 09/23/2010
Zel MazardZel Mazard I am vegan (純素) and I live in Tainan, 我在台南. 08/21/2013
Alena Hausteinova Alena Hausteinova Because Im a veggie :) 07/17/2011
Tania öTania ö I am a vegan 04/02/2014
SEMOLINA BJ SEMOLINA BJ love Taiwan and veg life! 07/13/2009
Dan JacobsonDan Jacobson I'm a central Taiwan vegan. 08/28/2009
Yuhsien Yen Yuhsien Yen because i am Taiwanese who live in new zealand 10/27/2009


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