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Once we ended up in prison....


Hi all members of Tallinn/Estonia CS group :)

Lately on some meetings we were talking about an organizing a CS tour to Patarei Prison - an old fortress, which functions as a museum at the moment.

Tallinn Sea Fortress Patarei lies just besides Tallinn Bay and can be interesting to visit for those who are interested in how life conditions has been for criminals since 1840...

Patarei jail is not a regular museum. It’s old, noir and moist. Not very pleasant place to be for years and years and years… You have good opportunity to peek into the cells and many other rooms of that huge fortress.

Patarei is unique and grim remnant from our past. USSR still exists between these walls.You can see history in every part of that building. Old documents and newspapers,
posters of long forgotten movies and dead plants are just a short list.

Here are some facts on this place:

-Construction of the Patarei Prison started in 1829 and was finished in 1840.
-The prison was notorious for its remarkably poor conditions.
-In 2002, the prison’s last inmates were moved to Tartu.
-Until 2004 it worked partly as prison hospital.
-Patarei prison was originally a sea fortress.
-Last death penalty took place in 1991.
-”Patarei” means battery in Estonian.



In summer it is opened for single tourists, you just pay common museum ticket - 30 EEK. But also there is a good popportunity to get a tour with a guide (English language), a group for this tour should be *min.10 - max.25 persons.

Here are different tours and different prices:

A. One hour tour of Patarei sea fortress-prison gives an overview of the history of Patarei which is spiced with myths and folklore of the prison. Price EEK 70 + 18% VAT per person.

B. 2-hour tour that includes a visit to Patarei and also a tour in neighboring hydroplane port where visitors can enter the icebreaker Suur Tõll and the oldest submarine in the world still in water Lembit. Price EEK 150 + 18% VAT per person.

C. Prison adventure is a 3-hour program during which the Patarei visitor follows every procedure of someone being incarcerated (fingerprints, photography etc.) followed by a tour and meal with a small schnapps. Price EEK 500 + 18% VAT per person.

So, if there is still someone interested - you can easily post here. Date is open - we can discuss which day and date is most convenient for us and a museum. Museum should be notified in advance, as it is summer and Patarei prison has hard busy times now! :)

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Olga RozovaOlga Rozova moderator 07/11/2009
Prem RajkumarPrem Rajkumar interested 03/09/2011
Giovanni AngioniGiovanni Angioni cause i want to come :) 07/11/2009
Paul Vachier Paul Vachier Went there, want to go back... 07/11/2009
Michael AcevedoMichael Acevedo i want to go! 07/18/2009
Minna Tauriainen-KoperMinna Tauriainen-Koper I wanna go too 07/13/2009
Ele KÕLAREle KÕLAR I d like to feel that place 07/13/2009
SUNRISE50SUNRISE50 also i will coming there..... 10/09/2009


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