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Tokyo Couch Requests


With an overwhelming amount of travelers in Tokyo and relatively small amount of hosts, it's only natural that it's very difficult to find a couch here. Many people send many requests only to receive as many "no"s or simply no reply. That's because the hosts here are often bogged down with more emails than they have time to answer.
Tokyo life is also famously busy and stressful, so CS is hard to prioritize for many working hosts.

The main Tokyo group frowns upon couch requests because it takes away the personalized nature of the CS experience. However, we understand the difficulty for travelers and want to make things work as smoothly as possible for everyone.

That's where this group comes in.
Feel free to post when you're coming, what days you will need a couch, and any other information you think will be helpful for potential hosts.
Hosts that are interested can browse this group anytime and they might contact you to host. There's no guarantee, but it never hurts to try, right?

Happy surfing~!!

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Philip C. Philip C. moderator 07/14/2009
Soichi TsukamotoSoichi Tsukamoto Cause I'm tokyo host 04/08/2013
G3NE-LA G3NE-LA 04/19/2014
Wojtek ManoWojtek Mano Going to tokyo soon 04/01/2014
Mitsuru YoshimotoMitsuru Yoshimoto To meet people efficiently 05/24/2012
Benmore Perb -Benmore Perb - Get to know thier share experiences in Japan 04/20/2014
Tania BuenfilTania Buenfil going 04/11/2014
Ron OfirRon Ofir Visiting Tokyo 04/16/2014


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Group Posts

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Last-minute couch OFFER(!!)(s)(!!!) in Shibuya/Shinjuku!(!!!! :p)Ðã♥ìɖ ☯ ℱЯ犬ÑÇع ☺ Ωびगםö 18  07/10/2013
Tokyo July 5 - July 12Evan Snow-  07/04/2013
Jul 09-19Deep Bains-  07/03/2013
1 CSer looking for couch(es) 7/26-7/30Jackie Beutell-  07/03/2013
08 July - Someone help me to visit TokyoThibaut Modelia-  07/02/2013
Looking for cool Tokyo hosts with whom to hang out too :) 26th July / 7th AugBenoit Colson-  07/01/2013
Looking for a coach July 3rd- July 5thJuhyung Jang-  07/01/2013
Any Couch for 2 in Tokyo around 17-18-19 August 2013arthurldp-  06/28/2013
Girl from Berlin looking for a couch-for-one in Tokyo!Aya Gannot3  06/28/2013
Looking for couch 7/13 to 7/16Ulas Keles-  06/28/2013
On my way to Atlanta; last minute couch in Tokyo- Fri 28thRAKEEM-  06/27/2013
Get a couch & fun on Wednesday, June 26th!Ðã♥ìɖ ☯ ℱЯ犬ÑÇع ☺ Ωびगםö -  06/24/2013
Looking for a couch in Tokyo.Ichiro Fujita-  06/24/2013
Couch needed July 3 through July 6shellylove-  06/24/2013
looking for a couch from 7/3-10Martin Chen-  06/23/2013
Couch in Tokyo - 7th - 11th AugustMara Hor-  06/23/2013
Finally going to Japan, first stop Tokyo!Frank Zaal-  06/23/2013
Tokyo 2013Michel Bielecki-  06/22/2013
need a couch for June 20th-June 23rdJustin And Steffani Hemming-  06/17/2013