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Circus Freaks Barcelona


Weather you are a mime, a clown, a freak, a magician, or just want to learn about the clown world, this is a place to find others with the same interests and passion.

We can get together and hang out in the park and teach each other what we know. If it be diablo, mime, plate spinning, acrobatics, sawing a woman in half, card tricks, juggling, riding a unicycle, contact ball tricks, or making a rabbits appear from a top hats.

We can also inform each other on exciting circus events happening in Barcelona by writing posts... and If people need advice as to where their is clown schools or where one can get good quality circus toys then we will all help each other out.


Useful circus and magic shops in Barcelona:

If you need the adresses you can find them on the websites, and you need a map use google maps. :) http://maps.google.com/

All types of juuglers and slackline can be found en El Parc Ciutadella Saturday's and sunday's, the park is full of all maner of circus freaks.
Another spot is La Nave (also known as La Makabra). Carrer de Ávila 176, metro glories. Its a huuuge squatted circus where you can come and practice for free. Closed sundays.

If you guys have any suggestions as to what more usefull info i can write here then feel free to send me a message with ideas.. :D

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NORWEGIANEXPLORERNORWEGIANEXPLORER moderator Want to learn clowning, I have a diablo and plate spinner. :) Definitely up for new things :P 07/15/2009
Pau DVPau DV I practice juggling since 15 years 09/30/2013
Lena GręźlikowskaLena Gręźlikowska becouse i like lern all my kive clown art.. 08/13/2013
Miri_Tur Miri_Tur 04/02/2012
Biky StoleruBiky Stoleru im a cirucs girl and i want to move to Brcelona 03/24/2010
Griet De ClercqGriet De Clercq I love circus and I practice arial 03/31/2014
Silja LehtinenSilja Lehtinen 02/28/2011
BJJ38BJJ38 11/07/2013


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