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The purpose of this forum is to connect CS Ambs with one another and with CS HQ.

Couchsurfing is currently focused on updating the site with better tools to connect travelers and local communities to share their lives through hosting, surfing, events and online interest groups.

HQ spent 2012 forming a new team and began building the foundation for a completely new technology to carry CS into the next decade. 2013 will continue to be a year of transition as we port the original CS site to the new technology and also develop more effective ways to surf and host. I appreciate the incredible patience and resilience the CS community demonstrated through the growing pains as demonstrated by hundreds of thousands of daily visitors and 10.4MM nights of surf/host in 2012.

From March 12 to June 20, I am replying to Ambs via my thread every weekday http://goo.gl/gC7vc

My goal is to create an effective channel for HQ to share information as the site evolves and also connect directly with Ambs that want to contribute to CS's continued mission as the world's largest travel community dedicated to cultural exchange through free hospitality exchange.

Tony Espinoza

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