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Møre og Romsdal is a county at the west coast of Norway, famous for it's fjords and mountains. The county includes the cities Ålesund, Molde and Kristiansund, the attractions Geirangerfjorden, Trollstigen, the Atlantic Highroad and much more! This group is for couchsurfers living in or travelling to Møre og Romsdal.


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Created: Jul 23, 2009
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Kai_VagabondKai_Vagabond moderator 07/23/2009
Erlend StorsetErlend Storset I live here! 01/08/2012
Alexandra BoyarinovaAlexandra Boyarinova im a sturent of HiMole and would like to see places around 03/03/2013
Luca RossiLuca Rossi I live in Kristiansund 09/23/2012
Mihai RosuMihai Rosu Because I am an active member in the "region",and comunnity 02/23/2011
TERJE.D TERJE.D I live here 07/09/2012
Bertram SommeBertram Somme This is my county - Yehaaah 12/27/2009
Arturo Bortolati Arturo Bortolati need a couch and friend :) 07/10/2013



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9-12 August Alesund/RundeArturo Bortolati1  07/10/2013
Need a ride between Trondheim and Alesund 3&4 of November (and return)Guilhem Orlhac-  10/24/2012
Looking for partner, advice, guidance in Romsdalenalpen backpacking 1-2 augustPiotr Gwizdała2  07/17/2012
Hi Mø i RanaMrMilanovic-  07/06/2012
Hosts in Hellesylt?SINERGIJA2  06/20/2012
Feel like inviting me?Yak Cejka1  05/19/2012
Any lift on way to Bryggja (i Norfjord) today?Yak Cejka-  05/18/2012
CS Picnic in MoldeMarcus Ågren-  04/24/2012
long term in Norway (weeks), offer stay in Cyprus40palikaria-  12/12/2011
Listen and relax ;) What do you think??miguelxestrada-  11/14/2011
France-Norway hicth-hikingMathieu Castaings-  08/19/2011
Moving to MoldeEnzo Kanawati7  08/16/2011
Trip to OsloMihai Rosu-  08/12/2011
CS article in Avisa Romsdal today.PUISIN-  06/23/2011
Planning a road trip through Møre... Stop at Kristiansund, Alesund, Møre or Volde?Andrew Longhurst1  06/09/2011
international backpack trip!MARTINE560-  06/01/2011
Hello!Marcelina Majewska9  05/27/2011
Fine summerBertram Somme2  09/24/2010
Last minute couch in Ålesund or its surroundings this weekend...Markus Kühn-  09/14/2010
hitchhike to Bergen anyone?Natasza Bogacz-  08/16/2010
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