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Manisa, which is located at a distance of 36 kilometers and only a 20 minutes drive from İzmir is one of the important cities of the Aegean Region.It is also an hour and a half drive away from Cesme, one of the most famous summer resorts in Turkey, as well as the well-known Ephesus. You can visit the historique mosques and Turkish baths in city centre,you may enjoy the Turkish bath with special foam massage and also make small incursions to Spil Natural Park and see The Crying Stone, Niobe. You can taste the local tastes, the Mesir sweet made up of 41 spices since 1400s and local tea as well.

Roman and Byzantine sovereignties, was called Magnesia in the antique era. Manisa, governed by the sultans' sons between the years of 1437-1595 during the time of the Ottomans, was reconstructed to a great extent by the sultans' sons and their families with mosques, fountains, bridges,madrasahs and similar works and hence the city became an important center in terms of social, administrative and economic aspects in the XIVth century. At our present day Manisa does not only attract the attention of increasing number of tourists each year on account of its historical and natural beauties, ruins, museum, Spil Mountain National Park and Mesir festivities
Niobe, the daughter of the King Tanalos marries Thebai King Amphion and has 6 girls and 6 boys from this marriage. Her friend goddess Leto on the other hand has only two children namely Apollon and Artemis. During a festivity Niobe takes pride in having 12 children saying that Leto has only two. Leto, who is jealous of Niobe orders Apollon and Artemis to kill the children of Niobe and they kill 12 children of Niobe with their arrows. Niobe cries for days looking at the corpses of her children. In the end Zeus feels mercy for Niobe and turns her into a stone in order to relieve this pain. This rock, which is on the northwestern outskirts of Spil Mountain is one of the most visited places in the region.
The Sultan Mosque and its complex which was started to be constructed in the 14th century when Suleyman the Magnificient was a flag officer in Manisa was built in memory of Hafsa Sultan, the mother of Suleyman the Magnificinet. The mosque having a plain structure has two minarets, and a complex consisting of a madrasah, one school for children and alms house completed in 1522. Darussifa (the Ottoman hospital) and hammam were later added to the complex. Sultan Mosque is famous for the celebration of Mesir Festivities and scattering of the paste to the public.


Muradiye Mosque bearing the features of the classical Ottoman architecture was built between the years of 1583-1585 in the name of Sultan Murat the III. as a complex.The project belongs to Great Architect Sinan. The tiles,stained glasses and the marble pulpit of the mosque that was built of block stones and having two elegant minarets are the most beautiful examples of the Ottoman ornament art. The other parts of the complex located in Sultanönü district of the city are alms house, madrasah, and the youngster school that was burnt out. The madrasah and alms house are currently serving as Manisa Museum.
The Sultan Mosque built in year 1522 by Hafsa Sultan, the mother of Süleyman the magnificent and wife to Sultan Selim is within the complex of the buildings adjacent to the mosque. Everyone could to have a bath in the hammam of the complex free of charge and the poor was given food at the alms house. Various diseases were treated in the Darussifa the hospital of the complex. The mesir paste consisting of 41 types of ingredients many of them being the spices prepared by Merkez Effendi, the first governor of Darussifa healed Hafsa Sultan who could not be cured by the physicians of the palace. Thus, the paste became very famous. This paste which bears the fame of a medicine in the public and is preferred persistently was handed out to people by time. But as the demand grew very much, it was later on scattered to the public from the top of Sultan Mosque dome and minarets. According to the widespread belief among the public those who eat this paste on Nevruz Festival does not have any kind of pain or ache and are protected from snake beats for one year.
MEVLEVIHANE (Mevlevi Lodge)
It was built by İshak Çelebi, the grandson of Saruhan Bey, in 1368 with the purpose of spreading the Mevlevism. The building on the skirts of Spil Mountain was used by the Mevlevis until the end of the 19th century and was then left to itself.
The National Park at the Spil Mountain arising in the east of the city is 23 kilometers from Manisa. The mountain starting from 60 m. height to reaching 1517 meters at the summit is 10-15 degrees cooler than the city. Sandıkkale is one of the most beautiful parks of our country with its archeological and mythological values such as Tantalos Castle and Kybele and geological formations and panoramic beauties such as caves, canyon, dollins. Spil National Park is famous with its tulips. It is believed that the tulips which name one epoch of the Ottoman Empire were then planted and grown at Spil Mountain. Around Seyirtepe which is the protection area of the National Park endemic plant types, deep valleys, old pine trees shaped by the snow and the wind are available. There are pinus brutia up until 600 meters and further above there are pinus nigra, oak trees, juniper, sycamore, laden, daphne, rosehip and bilberry in the park which has a rich flora. As for the wild life partridge, rabbit, jackal, wild boar and many kinds of singing birds are the animals living in the park.

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