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50s+ Travellers


Welcome to 50s+ Travellers!

If you're 50s-ish, feel
50s-ish, OR just love
"hanging" with 50s-ish
folks let's chat & enjoy
each other!

Hello to all, and welcome to new members.
We hope this group will provide support
and a traveller space for those in their
"middle ages" who themselves have
abundance on many dimensions to share.

Use this group to chat about whatever
life interests you wish to share, make
some friends (and go VISIT them), but
just remember to leave the keys under
the mat when you're done!

Thank you for supporting the
CouchSurfing community with your
active participation in CS groups!!


Surf REQUESTS & HOSTING announcement Suggestion:

So many postings occur daily in our group that individual postings for a Couch will probably "fall off" the main topic page within days. We've set up separate "sub-groups" to provide a forum for either Surfer or Host postings. Within those groups you'll have the ability to have information keep "alive" on the main topic page for a good while. Good luck to everyone!

50s+ Travellers - SURF Board

50s+ Travellers - HOST Board

Enjoy Our Library of Topics!

The 50s+ Travellers group is among the most active within our CouchSurfing community. There are scores of threads
archived for you to read and post. Just be yourself and tell us whatever's on your mind!
- From all of us at 50s+ Travellers

Be smart about your safety, read these Safety basics and Safety tips!

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Created: Feb 1, 2006
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DUCATIJIMDUCATIJIM I want to expand my horizons. 02/04/2010
DanielaCalDanielaCal I'm over 50 too! 06/09/2009
J Carl StapletonJ Carl Stapleton 03/18/2008
GUNDL2 GUNDL2 07/29/2009
ZAGUARCHZAGUARCH i'm 54 !!!! 07/02/2009
grood grood i m'over 50 07/13/2010


2009 Stuttgart meeting - 2nd to 4th of October21137
2014 BERLIN-50+meeting 6th-12th of JUNE30102
2014PARIS - 12th till 14th of June 2014 - The Grandmas' + Grandpas' invasion1353
+40ans et Français parlé48138
50+ CS meeting in Hamburg 2008 - Travellers Information3548
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50s+ CS SURF-Board (couch requests)377389
50s+ Peace Corps volunteers..past and present83
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50s+ Travellers Artists3417
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April 2013 France Meet Up51843
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