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Festivals in Mexico


Feel free to post any kind of festival going on in your city, state, etc. It's not so easy to know about all of them!!! So let's make an effort altogether and let CSers know about festivals, art expos, or anything you may think will be interesting!!

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Ludcia KhabibulinaLudcia Khabibulina i am interesting in festivals in mexico! 09/02/2011
CUCHARASCUCHARAS i would like to go to all festivals in mexico 01/23/2010
Christine Van DeurenChristine Van Deuren 04/12/2010
AURORA18AURORA18 me gusta mucho!! 09/21/2011
Brian Canfield Brian Canfield 10/02/2012
Bob RoseBob Rose I love festivals 02/22/2011
Lou SauvajonLou Sauvajon coming to mexico to visit 10/07/2013


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Jazz Fest!!Sara Ariceaga-  08/03/2009
attending festivals of traditional music in MexicoRoberto Calva-  08/01/2009