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RIO Language Exchange


Hi Guys, this is just a temporary introduction, I'll be working on it later...

So, this group is for those language lovers who happen to be at the marvelous city: Rio.
Let`s meet and share our language skills (and save our money for beers).
Where and how the lessons occur is bounded only by each ones creativity...
During the process, hopefully, we you be getting more than just improving our languages skills... Its a chance of getting to know interesting people, learn from their background and have fun as well.

Cheers.. (dont forget to read the guidelines!).

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Virgílio ArnautVirgílio Arnaut moderator 08/01/2009
Marcio C Galvao  Marcio C Galvao moderator Je veux apprendre le français 09/17/2009
Luiz_Otavio_RJ OtavioLuiz_Otavio_RJ Otavio Estou aprimorando meu inglês e gostaria muito de conversar com nativos e pessoas que estão estudando inglês também. 12/08/2012
Nicolas Berrios Nicolas Berrios 03/21/2014
Cicero LiraCicero Lira I´d like to learn other languages 09/26/2011
Marcelo SilveroMarcelo Silvero 07/25/2013
DANILO FABRICIODANILO FABRICIO Because I am very interested on language studies 08/29/2012
Diego Rodrigo .Diego Rodrigo . pratice 03/23/2011


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