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50s+ CS SURF-Board (couch requests)


Welcome to the 50s+ Travellers
SURF-Board sub-group!

**Post your surf requests here at least
7-10 days advance notice if possible;
if less than 3 days mark as URGENT!

Please join the group as you have any
Surf requests for a couch so that members
of the 50s+ main group may find you.

Once your travel agenda is completed you may
either remove yourself from this sub-group
OR modify your request-agenda as you wish.

Thank you for your participation in CS groups! :)

- 50s+ Moderation Team

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Created: Aug 6, 2009
Type: Public

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Genovato Genovato moderator Just finished travelling to see family. Relocated from Chula Vista to downtown San Diego. Looking forward to reconnecting. 06/26/2010
Ire  SantosIre Santos moderator I m 45 years old ,want make new friends 01/17/2010
Susan AndrewsSusan Andrews i would like to meet 50+ people who are travelling to Juneau, Alaska, and I am interested in meeting people while I am in Granada, Spain November 2011. 07/20/2011
John John D ChoppalaJohn John D Choppala I am 50+ and I am a world traveler and would enjoy other members of the Couch Surfing family 11/15/2013
JoAnne MergenthalerJoAnne Mergenthaler To meet people all over the world that might have been through many things that I already have been through. Also, to learn and experience what they have to share. 02/18/2011
Alvin Justelien Alvin Justelien I am 50+ and would like to connect with other CSers who are also 50+ to share experiences 09/09/2012
BeeandCeeGeeBeeandCeeGee Travelling come May 2014 01/12/2014
Peg Hardaway Farrell Peg Hardaway Farrell I think it would be fun to meet others in this age group and see how they manage this time of their lives. 04/03/2014


Group Posts

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Going Home!!!Fabienne Me-  09/09/2012
still looking for host in Madrid August 24, 25JEANNIEMOM-  08/14/2012
couch surfingJo de Bruijn2  08/10/2012
URGENT, Seattle arrived today the 20th. then I'll host you in Santa Monica.DAALTJE2  08/02/2012
Looking for couches in Italy in September 2012Samir Mehta2  08/02/2012
aussie going to parisALIKELYLASS-  07/27/2012
Cs Stewart Island NZ or house exchange for Papamoa BOP NZLil Parkin2  07/26/2012
URGENT - Will be in Montana and Idaho starting Saturday for 3 weeks.WhirledPeasPlease-  07/25/2012
looking for host August 24th and 25thJEANNIEMOM-  07/22/2012
Seeking couch in VA BeachKaren Hamlin-  07/12/2012
Seeking Couch in Paris 16th 17th and 12th JulyMATAY-  07/04/2012
Visiting NYC - June 8, 9, 10, 2012Raymond Domire-  05/22/2012
Hospitality exchangeBUKOVINA-  05/06/2012
looking for couch...niagara falls end of JulySteve Patton-  04/30/2012
USA trip from April 27 to May 15Lien and Ruediger König-  04/06/2012
Travel in May 17, 2012 Montevideo, ... Uruguay!Bob Frassinetti-  03/27/2012
Couch in ViennaDave Setnicker-  03/21/2012
First trip to NYCRita Solem1  03/10/2012
Austin Texas April 2nd-April 5th to Photograph Wild FlowersSUDSCHICK-  03/08/2012
New Zealand visiting California and Las VagasChris Moriarty-  03/04/2012