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Werewolf Nights Vienna


This group is the "official" Vienna Werewolf group. People in this group like to play the game "Werewolf".

Note that the normal postings for events will still be in the "normal" Vienna group.

What is it? How do I play it?
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Created: Aug 7, 2009
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peterhupeterhu i like this game :) 06/04/2011
Mirjam RosenthalMirjam Rosenthal I like this game 11/04/2012
Lorenz MoosmüllerLorenz Moosmüller I want to play! 10/27/2013
JACKOTYJACKOTY moving to vienna and interested in the game 09/14/2009
Toschimi vor dem ReisfeldToschimi vor dem Reisfeld I like werewolf!! (well..as a normal civilian :) 04/14/2011
Miriam  FriedrichMiriam Friedrich i love this game!!! 11/04/2011
Ali Ahmad Mughal Ali Ahmad Mughal coz i like this game 08/07/2009



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Poll: Which roles should be included?DOMINIKTOURING6  06/03/2010
Poll: Major modes: Split Vote - Tie Decision - 2-3 votes?DOMINIKTOURING5  06/02/2010

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Flagged postsModerator 2  04/11/2011
Werewolf wake up!! Again this Friday,22nd :)Toschimi vor dem Reisfeld2  04/19/2011
Werewolf wake up! this Friday, 15th of AprilToschimi vor dem Reisfeld1  04/15/2011
Werewolf XXDOMINIKTOURING6  04/14/2011
Werewolf this Friday, 15th of April!Toschimi vor dem Reisfeld1  04/14/2011
New Rules & New Ideas?DOMINIKTOURING-  04/13/2011
IMPORTANT: Problems with signing up?DOMINIKTOURING1  04/11/2011
Werewolf XXDOMINIKTOURING-  04/10/2011
Werewolf in April!!!DOMINIKTOURING2  04/08/2011
Werewolfs awake after a winter break - Vote Now for January appointmentDOMINIKTOURING9  01/21/2011
Werewolf New Moon XIXDOMINIKTOURING-  01/16/2011
2011, a year full of werewolvesDOMINIKTOURING-  12/27/2010
Werewolf new moonDOMINIKTOURING2  11/21/2010
Capture the FlagMarian Cotten1  11/02/2010
Werewolf XVIIIDOMINIKTOURING-  10/28/2010
Werewolf Nights Vienna on FacebookDOMINIKTOURING-  10/27/2010
Werewolf XVII - Try2 :-)DOMINIKTOURING15  10/27/2010
the nights get longer....DOMINIKTOURING1  10/07/2010
Are there still werewolves after summer?DOMINIKTOURING5  09/26/2010
Werewolf XVIIDOMINIKTOURING13  08/23/2010
Werewolf XVIIDOMINIKTOURING-  08/16/2010
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