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this groups is 4 all the independet hip-hop and non comercial ou conscious hip hop. If u want 2 come in - respect and forget the gun and the bling bling cus here is only about REAL HIP-HOP!!!!

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Created: Feb 7, 2006
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Kevin ConteKevin Conte because 08/09/2013
Julien AJulien A ...old school lover !! 01/09/2010
Greg Varga Greg Varga hiphop=love 01/20/2010
Giannis PalGiannis Pal :0 08/10/2013
Javaughn LewisJavaughn Lewis To meet people with the common interest of Underground hip-hop 12/31/2013
kiana Sinnombrekiana Sinnombre Hip Hop you're the love of my life 05/04/2013
Linda LyLinda Ly Imma MC-spitter, and planning on developing myself even more! 01/02/2014
Jan RonahiJan Ronahi 02/02/2014


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