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Hamburg-Tandem (Language Café)


Tandem is a more or less well described method for language and culture exchange. The name suggests that there are two people, each offering one of his languages and learning the one his partner offers.

It can be learning by doing/ by living the language or like school lessons just in a smaller group. You can follow rules, as verbalized on the following site http://www.slf.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/ or start your own idea of tandem (share different kinds of skills: language for painting lesson or group tandem etc.).

There have been several requests to find tandem partners here.

So let's start sharing languages.

Any languages or combinations are welcome. And spread the news, so that the group can grow.

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Aurelie Tonion Aurelie Tonion moderator I live in Hamburg 03/18/2011
Biying HouBiying Hou moderator I want to learn morge languages 04/09/2010
Maria BrücknerMaria Brückner moderator 01/27/2010
Rahel CinegeRahel Cinege moderator want to learn and speak languages 09/23/2009
Sarah SchnettoSarah Schnetto practise spanish 06/26/2013


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