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Not only a citizen of this country but also one of the sense of humor,its an amazing country with different culture,society,historical background and natural beauties.
It has been proven that the science was started with the letest teacher from Hindu culture,its the example that the greatest book of Hindu,'VEDA' school have on western especially in America and Germany.
The modern science start from this book since many years a go.
The incredible different between humanitarians,religious and arts explore from the Himalayas,Araniko was one of the example of the real arts the contribute to explore it.

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Sanjeeb BhattaraiSanjeeb Bhattarai moderator 08/13/2009
Samjhana AryalSamjhana Aryal As a pride that I'm a Nepali 08/24/2009
Hari SatimanHari Satiman 03/20/2012
Harlan SaidHarlan Said I want to go to himalaya 06/14/2010
Arjun SharmaArjun Sharma Should I tell 03/13/2010
Kaushal ChhatbarKaushal Chhatbar interested 10/05/2011
Naresh L. Bhatia Naresh L. Bhatia Himalayas entice and excite me..:) 09/19/2011
Mohan KiriMohan Kiri I love mountains 07/01/2010


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