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Baia Mare


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Baia Mare is the biggest city in North West Romania and the seat of Maramures County.
The area is famous for its outstanding landscapes and the mountains are easily accessible from the city.

If you are planning to come to Baia Mare you can choose the airplane, train, bus or car.

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In Maramures and in Baia Mare City you can visit the county's main tourist attractions:

1.Baia Mare: The Mineralogy Museum - the largest regional museum in Europe! More then 15000 samples...
2.Sighetu Marmatiei: Sighet Memorial Museum, Elie Wisel's memorial house(Nobel prize for peace!)
3.Barsana - the monastery, superb!
4.The villages on the Iza, Mara, and Vişeu Valleys.
5.The wooden churches protected by UNESCO (Poienile Izei, Ieud-Deal, Budesti-Josani, Desesti and Barsana-Jbar), erected between XVI-XVIII centuries, in "Maramures gothic style" and painted hundreds of years ago.
6.The Merry Cemetery of Săpânţa
7.The tallest wooden church in the world (78 m high, erected at Sapanta, between 1995-2003).
8.Pietrosu Rodnei Natural Reserve, UNESCO listed since 1979, estabilished in 1932, part of the "Rodna Mountains National Park", protecting edelweiss, gentians, marmots, chamois, etc.
9.The landscape of Cavnic and it's sky resort.
10.Vaser Valley, where runs the only steam powered train.

Baia Mare is a big animated city by it's intensive activity due to state university and a large number of NGOs.
North University is a large university and with it's divers programs attracts many students all around area. Join Student Group

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