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2º 7’ 42’’ E
41º 24’ 42’’ N
ALT. 12,5m (Pl. Sant Jaume)
POP. 1.593.075 (2005)

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Barcelona's short name is BARNA or BCN. If you refer to it as Barça, Barca (btw, it means 'boat' in English) or Barsa, you mean the football team. Arsenal is not London, Juventus is not Torino, Steaua is not Bucharest, CSKA is not Moscow... so Barça is not Barcelona :DDD

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Noemi ReyesNoemi Reyes I moved to Sant Fruitos 10 years ago. I like meeting new people from Catalonia and from all over the world. I work and spend most of my time in Manresa. Can't offer a couch by the moment but sharing a drink or a moment is always great! 09/19/2013
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