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This group is for anyone interested in Wwoofing in Canada... Lets share knowledge with each other for many mutually excellent wwoofing experiences:)

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Created: Aug 27, 2009
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Silvanis Silvanis moderator 08/27/2009
Vince MacNeil Vince MacNeil a lot of my surfers are WWOOFers too 02/10/2014
François Lamy François Lamy wanna do that soon 09/29/2013
Jenny KobiJenny Kobi 03/02/2014
Maziar ZolfaghariMaziar Zolfaghari 04/02/2014
Julia van de Kamp Julia van de Kamp 09/30/2013
Daniel BeaumontDaniel Beaumont 04/18/2014
Elisabeth NéronElisabeth Néron Want to do some wwoofing this summer ! 01/25/2014


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wwoof seeaking any info about missing international wwooferAllyson Ev-  01/18/2014
WWOOFing in French Canada. Recommendable?Grecia Chantalle Sal1  01/15/2014
volunteering time at the woofing way in an french speaking environmentVladimir Baños Marin1  08/15/2013
Couple Seeking WWoofing around BC/Gulf IslandsDee I-  08/12/2013
New work - food&accomodation exchange site!David Rodriguez-  08/09/2013
Future WWOOF Opportunity in Ontario...David Smaller4  07/08/2013
wwoofer on horse farm wanted!Kati Anhalt1  06/17/2013
wwoofer neededGilles Veilleux-  06/03/2013
Hello, we want to move from Latvia to another country in CanadaElena Semenjakina-  04/17/2013
looking for a wwoofer on Galiano Island, BC!Andrea Russel-  03/19/2013
BC/ Gulf IslandsTamsyn Loat3  03/19/2013
Anyone interested in wwoofing in Nova Scotia??Danielle Aspden5  03/11/2013
Any woofing opportunities in Manitoba ?Julien Rohrer2  03/04/2013
Family Friendly WWOOFING?DODES1  02/23/2013
Help us build an off the grid cottageDanielle Aspden2  02/19/2013
Hello!, Could you help me? :)Adrianka Ime1  01/14/2013
WWoofing for one year in exchange for african thingsYao Yayra4  09/11/2012
woof in QuébecGilles Veilleux1  07/31/2012
want to wwoof, ... need some helpNyam Puujee1  07/16/2012
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