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This group is for anyone that loves movies. And that's pretty much everyone, so welcome all! Whether it's cult classics, this month's blockbuster, an indie flick that no one's heard of, a random video rental or the *cough* bootleg version of any movie (as long as it's decently watchable), any or all movies are open game. They can be discussed *no spoilers please* and plans can made to attend a public or private viewing. So essentially, if you're in the area and want to spend around two hours being entertained by a film, this is the group for you! Also, I'm kinda hoping I can find someone to watch the latest horror movies with. My friends are all chickens..lol

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Created: Aug 29, 2009
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SAMISRASAMISRA moderator 08/29/2009
Molly FassbenderMolly Fassbender That's one of the three things that keep me alive. 07/19/2013
Vanessa GuidorizziVanessa Guidorizzi Always looking for great movies to watch and other cinephiles to chat with 01/26/2013
Cedrick ManishimweCedrick Manishimwe Well, koz i love movies! 08/05/2013
Andrea Lau Andrea Lau 07/18/2013
Jaime Bambalan Jaime Bambalan Movies are in most times a way to escape reality and time, in a good way. 05/04/2013
Boer LiBoer Li 11/02/2013
Dreamthief ZDreamthief Z of course, because i love movies! 08/31/2013


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