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Language Exchanges Paris


I there,
I'm looking for some language exchanges. Specifically Dutch and English languages. My Dutch level is very low but my English level is better. Kind of "intermédiary".
So, if you want to practise your French please, contact me, it would be a pleasure to meet you.

Also, feel free to post your own announcement!


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SWOKOSWOKO Learning French! 06/15/2011
Glen WrightGlen Wright 09/01/2013
Alice LAlice L I would like to improve my English and my Russian. I can teach French 09/04/2010


Я француженка и хотела бы говорить по-русски и по-французски с Вами!1-
Language Exchanges Paris151
My French for your English / Mandarin2-
My French for your English / Mandarin2-

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