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Paris: Language Exchanges


Hi there,
This group is for people who live in Paris and want to share their language skills, learning another one. Also, you can suggest and organize some language meetings, events...

For example, I'm personaly looking for some language exchanges. Specifically Dutch and English. My Dutch level is very low but my English level is a bit better. Kind of "intermediary". So, if you want to practice your French please, contact me, it would be a pleasure to meet you.

Then please, feel free to post your own announcement!


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Sophie Undorf Sophie Undorf moderator 09/01/2009
Jelena PrtorićJelena Prtorić Wanna learn some Russian/Spanish! 10/26/2013
Matteo ManticaMatteo Mantica why not? 02/17/2014
Julia BarbierJulia Barbier I want to exchange with people to practice my foreign language, mainly german and now portuguese 03/06/2014
Riccardo GallottiRiccardo Gallotti 02/18/2014
SWOKOSWOKO 11/28/2011
Pierre ChapeauPierre Chapeau 11/09/2012


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