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Taranaki: "Like no other"

Taranaki is a region in the west of New Zealand's North Island, named for the region's main geographical feature, Mount Taranaki.

The main centre of the Taranaki region is the city of New Plymouth which has been voted the "Top City" in New Zealand and the Most Liveable City in the world.

The New Plymouth District has over 60% of the entire population of Taranaki. New Plymouth is located in North Taranaki along with Inglewood and Waitara. South Taranaki towns include Hawera, Stratford and Eltham.

Come and visit to see it for yourself, and if you have any questions, just ask!

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Jenn and Damian Hadfield OConnellJenn and Damian Hadfield OConnell moderator 09/02/2009
Ricky SantinoRicky Santino surf there a lot... 02/15/2011
Dave GrantDave Grant 07/26/2012
Shaun Thomason Shaun Thomason I am from Taranaki and willing to provide transport and advice for travellers 12/17/2011
BeeandCeeGeeBeeandCeeGee I'm a born and bred local 09/02/2009
Karen Griffiths Karen Griffiths interested in meeting new people and learning more about the area as i am relatively new here 04/01/2012
Ben and Alicia  Ben and Alicia looking to meet CSers in Taranaki 01/22/2014
Ryan GutRyan Gut Im from Taranaki 06/24/2010


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