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The Greater Vancouver Legion of Cheese Appreciators


The GVLCA (The Greater Vancouver Legion of Cheese Appreciators) is a group dedicated to upholding in high regards all things cheese. Whether it is a Quebecois trappist cheese, a farmhouse English cheddar, an Italian herdsman's pecorino or a homemade paneer, cheese is so diverse in taste, smell, colour, shape, firmness, location and usage. You can spread it on a bagel, grate it into sauces, bake it on potatoes, melt it in a fondue, put it in desserts, roll it down a hill or make art sculptures with it. Cheese can kill you, but it can also save your life!

We firmly believe that cheese is a way of life, a form of socializing, a means of expression, a belief in the divine. To best represent ourselves to one another is to share our cheeses, to give what you love and to receive the same from others. Therefore we hold meetings potluck-style (in essence "bring your own cheese") where everyone is an equal member at the table. The venues will rotate, the themes will change and the times between meetings will vary. But there will always be cheese.

In short, this group is an homage to all things fromage.

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Created: Sep 3, 2009
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Andrew Froese Andrew Froese moderator 09/03/2009
Ellen StephensonEllen Stephenson 01/27/2013
AUTARKEIA AUTARKEIA cheesy way 12/27/2012
Jaume F.L.Jaume F.L. Life is empty without cheese 01/23/2013
Melissa RichardsonMelissa Richardson 08/14/2013
Gilles N Jessica DA SILVA Gilles N Jessica DA SILVA A french in Vancouver... 10/08/2013
Carmela_RCarmela_R I love cheese !! 11/18/2013
Sanna KatjaSanna Katja fromage, c'est pas un dommage! 05/28/2013