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Queer Budapest


For people who live or visit the city

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Created: Sep 4, 2009
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RHOSSHRHOSSH moderator queer in Budapest 09/15/2009
Alexander MeijerAlexander Meijer 04/13/2014
Ugo AraujoUgo Araujo I'm gay lol 11/21/2013
Kévin Massin Kévin Massin Cause I'm gonna live in Budapest for a while very soon... :) 07/14/2012
Zoltán KériZoltán Kéri 08/11/2012
ZoliandErnoZoliandErno We are also queer guys :-) 06/23/2013
Valo -Ortune- PimeässäValo -Ortune- Pimeässä 08/28/2013
Istvan Antal Istvan Antal 09/16/2011



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Poll: 15-18 July in Budapest , looking for host.EDISONWINGS-  06/24/2013

Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
Hi Budapest!Jim08 R-  08/07/2012
Trip to your city 23rd till 27th of AugustMaciej Stęga-  08/05/2012
photographer in BudapestDoron Cohen-  07/31/2012
Finnish backpacker guy coming to Budapest on Wed (August 1st)FINN_ED1  07/30/2012
Hey guys! im coming to Budapest! (4-6 August.)Joe AcoFlorez-  07/27/2012
Hey guys im coming to budapest! 4-6 August!Joe AcoFlorez-  07/27/2012
Kelly Zullo's fundraising concert for a feminist library project opening this September in Budapest!Agnieszka Budek1  07/27/2012
Budapest 27-30th JulyJan Z-  07/23/2012
A couch or a drink!Maysa Martin-  07/17/2012
Lone couchsurfer visiting Budapest from Aug 13 to Aug 19.Marta Scetta-  07/10/2012
Lone Surfer visiting Budapest 18-20th, wants to see its queer side. couch needed.Peter Weissenburger-  07/09/2012
Two guys looking for a host for next weekDavid Mendez Sevillano-  07/08/2012
RTW traveler in Budapest during July 14-20Damian Lin-  07/08/2012
Host this TERRIBLE dude travelling from down under 7-10 July nights=small incentive for youKynsléy Nazareth2  07/06/2012
First time, wanna hang?Josefine Aabrandt-  07/04/2012
Couch and/or language exchange and/or swimming/yoga/coffee?Tyler Schnoebelen-  07/04/2012
looking for the host 5-8.07.12GRZEGORZLODZ-  07/04/2012
1 plane ticket to sale Budapest- Billund, Denmark 01.07.2012 return 06.07.2012Bianca Georgiana-  06/29/2012
my name is Lolek and i am 20yrs old and probably lost in BudapestLOLEK91-  06/29/2012
Budapest, Pecs and more~Damian Lin-  06/27/2012