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Queer Budapest


For people who live or visit the city

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Created: Sep 4, 2009
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RHOSSHRHOSSH moderator queer in Budapest 09/15/2009
Istvan Antal Istvan Antal 09/16/2011
Kévin Massin Kévin Massin Cause I'm gonna live in Budapest for a while very soon... :) 07/14/2012
Zoltán KériZoltán Kéri 08/11/2012
Valo -Ortune- PimeässäValo -Ortune- Pimeässä 08/28/2013
Ritesh MatlaniRitesh Matlani Traveling to Budapest soon... 04/15/2014
György CzakóGyörgy Czakó 01/24/2014
ZoliandErnoZoliandErno We are also queer guys :-) 06/23/2013



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Poll: 15-18 July in Budapest , looking for host.EDISONWINGS-  06/24/2013

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Can anyone help out a homo? Stuck at airport and need a place to crash for the night. Leaving on 6am trainJordan Davidson-  10/21/2013
Looking for a host Noemberv 9-11Robert Z4  10/21/2013
A gay couple from Israel for a one night stay :)Matan Afik-  10/01/2013
Gay Israeli couple arriving on a short visit.Matan Afik-  09/29/2013
Hang out 2day ir 2morrow (though the short notice)David Sánchez-  09/26/2013
Hang out with someone and spend my free time together with...Jeannot Allemand-  09/21/2013
We need host for two days (7th-9th October)Vova Vovchik-  09/16/2013
Help?ALBINO-FROG-  09/15/2013
Walk in the city or just have a drink?vanden-lee-  09/07/2013
couple looking for hostKuba Piątkowski-  09/05/2013
visit from CZ in octoberVITEKB-  09/04/2013
2 cutie guys in BP between September 2-5Bartın Babagil2  09/02/2013
2 Polish guys visiting Bud Sep 18-20Jakub Rejniak2  08/28/2013
Need a host on 30.8. and 31.8. ;)Vlada Nedeljkovic1  08/28/2013
Need a host on 30.8. and 31.8. ;)Vlada Nedeljkovic1  08/28/2013
goodbyeHendrik Willem-  08/25/2013
viajando europa octubre-noviembreLuís Frias-  08/25/2013
viaje a budapestTROYA69-  08/23/2013
Balkan music party tomorrow (friday 23/08)!! :)Anna Bölcsföldi-  08/22/2013
2 friendly guys visiting Budapest Sept 5-9vanden-lee-  08/21/2013
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