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Dinner: let's begin with the letter "A"


Hi everyone. As I told you in another post, I would suggest to organize a "CS world tour of flavors" whose the main purpose would - of course - to enjoy ourselves and the food ;) but also to practice and exchange different languages in a great and relax atmosphere and environment.

So... first of all, sorry if I make many mistakes in English. I could keep writing in French which is my mother language but here, that's not the goal since the goal is to practice a foreign language. Then... be kind and patient with me: I will keep using English :)

To say the true, I stole from Brian - who is living in NYC - the idea of a dinner club. Indeed, when I was traveling in NYC, I met the CS NYC dinner club and I found the concept of this event superamazing!!
(get a look:

Resuming the introduction of the NYC dinner club, it gives something like this : "This group is about celebrating the fine cuisines of the many countries of the world by working our way through the English alphabet starting with the letter A. ‘A’ to represent the country we are celebrating for that meet up."

(I know, I'm a lazy girl and I only cut and paste)

So...We have to think about 2 things: 1. When? 2. Where?

I suggest that you, guys, propose 3 different dates and 3 different kind of food and then post a poll to the CS who want to join us for this event... Then we could make a vote.

For example, letter "A" as Andalusian food, Angolan food, Algerian...
3 dates: 17th, 18th or 19th September... (these are the only dates when I'm free in September if we want to set it up during a week-end. but we also can begin in oktober!)

Now: What do YOU suggest to make this event better?

Oh, one more thing. I suggest that for this event, people DON'T use their mother language. When, we will meet up, we MUST use the language we want to practice.... That should be easy concerning French and English... For the others, we have to find a solution ;)

Looking forward to hearing from you and to meeting you soon in the real life.

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