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Welcome to Latvia, the land of pine trees, caraway cheese, ginger beer, song and dance festivals throughout the country and of course the beautiful Ligo/midsummer celebration!

Please write mainly in English in this group.

Do NOT ask for couch in this group, there is a special group for that.


Riga CS wiki page

Riga CS Facebook page.

Be safe in Riga:

Advice from the US embassy

Advice from the UK FCO


Official Latvia Tourism Portal

Another Travel Guide on Latvia

Virtual tour of Old Riga

Free walking tour in Riga

Riga city guide

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Jorgen Reitan SivertsenJorgen Reitan Sivertsen moderator I don't wanna miss any Riga meetings, and I'm happy to help if I can. 09/24/2005
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Bruno Capucci Ferraz Bruno Capucci Ferraz visiting next may 11/04/2013
ANUPBANUPB 04/15/2014
Inga SalmiņaInga Salmiņa Its my country 04/18/2014


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Poll: Poll test: Are you coming to our Tuesday regular meeting tomorrow?JORGEN25  02/17/2009

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