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Working Holiday Visa in Japan


For people who want, already get a working Holiday Visa!
For Every gaijin in japan, for japanese people interested in foreigners. For everybody ^.^

With this visa some people (like french people) are allowed to stay 1 year in Japan to visit, learn and work!

But it seems like WHV owners don't have any connection to each others, or with other who is interested into this possibilty.

This group's aim is to help, give advice, share experiences or just to chat.

let's meet !

The communication is the key!

Hope to read many ippai post

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Created: Sep 11, 2009
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Kat GwadaKat Gwada moderator 09/11/2009
Ðã♥ìɖ ☯ ℱЯ犬ÑÇع ☺ Ωびगםö Ðã♥ìɖ ☯ ℱЯ犬ÑÇع ☺ Ωびगםö Around the World in 80 Months & 10 Languages... From October 2012 on, living in Japan... for up to 1 year... thanks to a Working Holiday Visa indeed! ツ 09/13/2012
Dae young ChaDae young Cha Working Holiday-ing in Japan now 02/23/2010
Takeshi WakijiTakeshi Wakiji why not? I could be of some help here as a Japanese:) 04/17/2011
Sergey ShitovSergey Shitov I need a visa to Japan 09/06/2013
Molly LunMolly Lun I applied the jp WH visa and waiting for the result!=) 10/22/2013
Shanna NadeauShanna Nadeau I will be moving to Japan 02/02/2013
feldovafeldova 07/16/2013


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