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Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia party Berlin


Welcome to the latin dance group of Berlin! We use this group to exchange information about parties going on and we also welcome CouchSurfers that would like to dance with locals.

For all the CSers that are visiting Berlin and are interested in the latino rumba!
- Which parties are going on now?
- Who would like to come?
- Where can I practice my style?


The most known places are
- Havanna Club Perfect LA style, New York style and Cuban style. Bachata and Merengue are also there to enjoy!!
Recommended on wednesdays for real latin dancers, fridays and saturdays for begginers and advanced dancers

- Mi Salsa A real Latinamerican atmosphere, nice salsa from Colombia/Venezuela, also Bachata or Raegetton. This is a smaller club but very very latino!
Very good on fridays and saturdays!

- Soda Club Another option for visitors is this club, that turns into one of the main salsa meeting points on thursdays and sundays!

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Andrea EnavenaAndrea Enavena because i love salsa!! 11/08/2011
Tessa VeermanTessa Veerman 08/27/2013
Jody LoweJody Lowe i dance salsa / bachatta 02/23/2014
Marina Gil IbarraMarina Gil Ibarra 04/06/2014
Luna MaLuna Ma love salsa 01/21/2013
Roberto GarcíaRoberto García Learning Salsa... 10/23/2012
Sib BeckSib Beck addicted 02/27/2013
Oscar RojasOscar Rojas 09/01/2011



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If nice weather... open air salsa!GOMEGE3  08/12/2011
For the ones that are going...GOMEGE1  08/12/2011
Life is not only salsa... there is also CUMBIA!!!GOMEGE2  08/12/2011
WelcomeGOMEGE6  08/06/2011
Havanne tonight?Divyansh Parmar4  08/05/2011
Salsa 26th/27th March?FELUCY2  03/25/2011
dancing in berlin this weekeendHélio Faria-  01/20/2011
No reason for missing itGOMEGE-  01/09/2011
Live Konzert in SpeicherGOMEGE2  01/04/2011
tomorrow (Havanna)Oxana Dúbova3  12/28/2010
28 Dec - 2nd Jan SalsaASKGOOD2  12/27/2010
Brazilianisches musik in film festival in Berlin this week-end !Danijela Valjan-  12/02/2010
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Dancing festival in BerlinGOMEGE-  03/11/2010
Today Opel Party again!!GOMEGE-  03/03/2010
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