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Uskudar-People living in Uskudar


Lets gather people of Uskudar in this group and share our feelings experiences about this beautiful town

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Created: Sep 18, 2009
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Mustafa DemirMustafa Demir moderator 09/28/2009
Sima GhSima Gh To meet people in Uskudar area 07/27/2013
Arif Serhat CakirArif Serhat Cakir I live in Üsküdar 09/30/2012
JAHAN_SLK JAHAN_SLK I live in Uskudar 10/09/2011
canyrtcanyrt 12/07/2009
Ebru BaranEbru Baran i live in uskudar 01/22/2010


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Flagged postsModerator 1  10/21/2010
A host in UskudarSima Gh-  07/27/2013
Looking for a flatmate in UskudarLeonardo Iheme1  03/31/2013
Searching for flat in ÜsküdarKriszta_CS1  04/16/2012
Tip for stay in Uskudar`?FlyingFrench1  11/24/2011
Need a new place ASAP! If I could surf for a bit let me know :)Josh Sterrett1  11/17/2011
New to Uskudar, Lets organize an Uskudar meetup?Josh Sterrett17  09/14/2011
Two french cyclists want to discover Uskudar areaThomas and Elise Laporte Weywada-  06/07/2011