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For everybody who lives in and around Tianjin (including Teda) and also the travellers passing by this area!

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Ivan  Ivan moderator 07/13/2009
CRYSTAL.DAICRYSTAL.DAI I'm studying in Tianjin 03/25/2014
Echo ZhangEcho Zhang I am in Tianjin and I want to know more CS guys. It is cool. 04/26/2011
Guo GuoGuo Guo living in tianjin which is a lovely place 04/15/2014
Jonathan WebbJonathan Webb 04/01/2012
Ace GaoAce Gao I living in Tianjin 07/06/2011
Trent Sicard Trent Sicard My new home 04/17/2014
Peter KlingsporPeter Klingspor moving to Tianjin soon 04/09/2014


living in TEDA. join us !51
Looking or offering apartments or rooms in Tianjin.179


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Poll: Looking for English teacher - part time jobBOLANREN3  03/08/2013

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Badminton Sunday 10-Mar. Nankai Distr. (different location&time!!)MARCEL022-  03/07/2013
Looking for English teacher - part time jobAdam Machaj2  03/01/2013
looking for volleyball/beachvolleyball clubBarbora Horniakova5  03/01/2013
interested in museum?Ava Chen-  03/01/2013
New HSK5 Course will start from this coming MondayEZlanguage EZlanguage-  03/01/2013
Dancing (Salsa) in Tianjin (Feb 24th - Mar 1st 2013)Marcus Draxler3  02/25/2013
Looking for Friends, New to the AreaLeVert Ricks7  02/17/2013
New to TianjinDerrick Mitchell6  02/15/2013
looking for friends in 天津!:)Benjamin Markey -  02/06/2013
A Room for rent in Nankai district from Mid February.Karina Peace-  02/03/2013
Badminton Sunday 3-Feb. Heping Distr. (Tianjin 1 Zhong)MARCEL0221  02/01/2013
Badminton Sunday 27-Jan. Heping Distr. (Tianjin 1 Zhong)MARCEL022-  01/24/2013
Ice Skating on Hai He- RiverChiara Milioni1  01/23/2013
Room for rent--Junlin Great BuildingAnny Bai-  01/21/2013
Badminton Sunday 20-Jan. Heping Distr. (Tianjin 1 Zhong)MARCEL022-  01/17/2013
Room for rent! Heping District, 1400-1600RMB/monthCharlotte Chiang-  01/13/2013
Badminton Sunday 13-Jan. Heping Distr. (Tianjin 1 Zhong)MARCEL022-  01/08/2013
join tianjin! join teda! join us!luo Tina-  01/07/2013
how to start 2013?Paul Driest3  12/22/2012
CS TIANJIN X'MAS EVE PARTY 2012Tony Wang1  12/20/2012